Wild Flowers

Melissa Holtz

Mary Grace is an amazing coach, who can help you shift your energy and thoughts so you feel a thousand times better! She is real talk, real feeling coach who can get you out of your head, out of your patterns, and help you embrace who you are meant to be and ready to be, with joy, fun, and excitement! She has an incredibly different approach than all other coaches I have met, it is really from the heart and it really works! She is magic and a transformation genius. A conversation with her can change your life.

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Kimberlie Nada

People need to know that they are not alone in the world. Thank you for creating this safe place where we can heal and grow.

Rebecca McKinney Barry

I had a great session with Mary-Grace. I knew that she was listening and understanding as I explained my business. Her guidance was truly shifting for me. Set up a session! You'll feel great during and after. And get your notepad, you'll be wanting to go over her sage words. 

Jessica Verrill

During my session with Mary-Grace, I felt supported, seen, heard and nurtured. We connected easily and she was able to tap into what I really needed easily and efficiently. Because of this, we were able to uncover some deeper energies that needed to be shifted. During the session, I also received some huge insights, clarity, and connection on some things I wasn't able to see before. I felt really great and empowered after just one session!

Rose Buds

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