The Messy Healer archetype is a woman who is more committed to her truth than perfection. In this way she meets the full spectum of her being with compassion and love. Healing her misunderstandings and freeing herself and the patterns that have come before her. Messy Healers are real and kind, with a fiery side. She is the woman who claims her whole self as her medicine. She inhales the entirety of her experiences as a means to meet herself in a compassionate way. Practicing self-acceptance and re-claimation makes her invincible as she leads her life into vibrant experiences, real relationships, and a powerful impact. 

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How you feel about yourself changes what you create for yourself. Which is why our coaching, retreats and membership help you love yourself more and create something better.

The Messy Healer Mission is to help women wake up to their inner leadership, and unique resonance of truth, so that they can feel good while creating more of what they love.



"I don't usually give out testimonials after one session of anything! But 3 hours with Mary-Grace apparently is the exception. And let me tell you, she is Exceptional!!!

The gold of seeing my ideal client avatar, something completely elusive to me for 1.5 years, was just the icing!! We talked about everything deep and large scale and small scale and universe and it was Everything. I cannot Wait to dive in with her more!! Her lens is absolutely Spectacular. So grateful! I am ready to fly! Porsche speed ahead!"

- Carlene

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You are a creator, Let your creativity be your magic.