The Messy Healer is an archetype of a woman who is more committed to her truth than perfection. In this way she meets the full spectrum of her being with compassion and love, nothing is beyond her acceptance. She is healing her misunderstandings and frees herself and the patterns that come before her.

She helps women remember that all of themselves are welcomed into their own acceptance. That nothing has to be fixed, cut away or isolated. She is the reminder that your presence is your integrity, and that being in it opens your awareness up to the intuitive gifts that you are rich with.

Throughout our coaching programs and retreats we will be inviting in the energy of the Messy Healer to help guide ourselves into full and compassionate acceptance of ourselves, our experiences and journey.


The creative force behind the Messy Healer.

I have always known that I had a powerful fire inside of me, but I spent the first half of my life believing it was bad and that I couldn't trust it. This left me burnt out, exhausted and always in doubt of my worthiness and decisions. And even as I was in this space, I knew I wanted more. And so I created it for myself.

I noticed that when I would create action I'd connect deeper with myself and my own leadership, and so I see creation as a means for intentional growth. This is why I help my clients bring the change that they want to see into their lives by the means of their own intentional creation.

I am from New Brunswick, Canada and have been to California and back, living in a van and on a whim. My path took me right back to helping my clients connect with their leadership in a way that is filled with their own trust.


I absolutely love helping others transform their feelings of discomfort or stagnation into invitations for growth, transformation and action. Because I know that helping you communicate with yourself is helping you embrace your power. And when you embrace your power, the world is a better place.

So I serve as a leadership coach, and the creative force behind the Messy Healer .

The brand that empowers you to commit to your own leadership and create the internal transformation so that you can show up fully in the world with all of your gifts.

This means dropping everyone else's expectations and embracing your own fullness.

Because you know that There must be more' feeling?

I want you to meet your more,


and I want you to feel free to shine your brilliance into the world.

Reach out if you are ready to explore what this means for you.

Let's connect. Follow the Messy Healer!