Application for Signature 1:1 coaching


What Heather said:

"Mary-Grace helped me identify what was holding me back and really pushed me to believe in my own self-worth and capability.  She has helped me believe that I have everything I need to make this dream I have a reality. I highly recommend working with

Mary-Grace through all the messy parts of self growth and transformation. After working with her I renovated my services, pivoted my offers and went from feeling drained to feeling rejuvenated in my business."

What AJ said:

Ya'll. Let's take a moment for the fantastic exuberance that is Mary-Grace of the Messy Healer. THIS WOMAN. Ya'll. Worth her weight in gold. I had a one hour call to explore a few things in trying to get space and grace in my business and she offered up an idea as a way to create that and it has completely shifted the way I think about everything and now I'm prepping to implement a new program by the end of the month and have set better boundaries in my business. She met me with kindness, and excitement for what I had going on, and I didn't feel any shame for sharing where I was at, or my thoughts on struggling with asking for what I was worth. She meets you were you are at, and then it's like she opens a door you didn't know you had available into a new way of doing and seeing things. Already within one week I feel more relaxed in my business, and that I have more space, and I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future. She is a safe space to go if you want to be honest but pushed towards freedom and more ease in your business and life. I honestly can't recommend her enough, she's a wise woman.