Teaching Tolerance

Tolerance starts with one another as we accept each other for our differences and behold those differences with respect.

This tolerance should be taught within the family unit, social institutions and our own artistry as well. For built on this tolerance, is the diversity needed for sustainability and the genius desired for technology.

With tolerance as the foundation, the gates to such a building are wide open, at ground level and welcoming. Welcoming to the many different cultures around us, the curative nutrition, and the learned philosophy of the people. Welcoming to the many backgrounds, the needs of the heart, mind, body and spirit. Welcoming to all people -as one people.

Can you picture it? I imagine a colorful feast, with music and dancing, where each of us, instead of feeding ourselves, feed each other. And sickness never walks through those gates.I see this so clearly. I can hear that music.

I know that we can create such a space, which is why I am so passionate about healing.I believe that the tolerance and acceptance which should be carried between one another, should also be paid forth to the earth.

As all medicine comes from the earth. It is presented in both a natural form, and a chemically 'enhanced' form. While such a modified form surely has a place in emergency practice, I prefer the organic and raw source. I believe that medicine can be balanced so that there is no harm. Just healing. True healing that may take more time, but will infuse the body with the true intention of the medicinal value and sustain the body. I believe that the natural needs and provisions are balanced by the land and that the intention of the cure elevates the medicinal value to a place close to magic.I also believe, like tolerance, that optimum health is achievable for all, if we teach it by living it.