Leave the Noise Outside

Noise: the illusion of importance. It calls for attention but has little to offer of genuine value. *note: if it is not of unconditional love, peace, joy, warmth or happiness, it is noise. And it belongs outside. Dinner with your family, you should be there. Joining a pack with your dog. Traveling to new places. Drinking tea as the sun rises. Holding your best friend. Holding your child. Getting to know your husband, each day. Giving back to your parents. Challenging yourself to grow into your potential. To give love, + be love + feel love. Your presence is an investing in the present so that the memories created can be a shared treasure. It is the most selfless thing you can offer. The most important things in life tend to get buried by noise. Noise that has no roots within our hearts. No investment in our joy. It just hovers with an urgency that does not serve us. This noise does not belong within our peace. It belongs outside. Speak it into the wind, and it will be swept away and scattered like seeds. Speak it into the water and it will be swallowed by the depths, and leave your voice purified. Bury it in the earth, and it will become new and prosperous life. Send it into the fire and the light will return to you, as it elevates your gift. Go outside and release the noise, the stress, the urgency that you have been stowing beneath your skin. Let it out, leave it outside. It is not important. It will not add to your family's happiness. To your joy. To your memories and moments. So turn it loose and gift it to the alchemy of the nature around you- and watch what your release allowed to grow. This is setting the intention for peace. And only accepting, within you, that which you can grow yourself. In the energy that you keep around you. In the house that you build. You deserve that kind of peace. That cycle of love. The growth of what really feeds your soul. Your energy is so valuable, spend it on love. On truth. On what really matters. Leave the rest outside.