If the story fits

I have come to describe myself as a spiritual person. Often people have their own definition for what that word means. 

I was just listening to the song Common by Maren Morris. And I loved it. One of the verses, however, triggered me into a sense of clarity.

 She sings, 'I don't know what God is.'

And I, in my singing along, dropped off and took a deep breath. 

People also, have their own definition for God. 

I don't know what God is, she sings 

I know what I believe deserves worship. Adoration. Prayer. Gratitude.

It is the moments of truth.


Where a mother is caring for her child. 


Where the poorest in the world have the most joy.


Connection between two hearts.


The family you attract, build and keep.


That's what came to my mind. The one thing we all have in common. The existence underneath the name of God. The wholeness to our humanity. 

That's what I see as the higher power. 

The merciful.

The Grace in our existence. 

The great I AM. 

'If all we need is love, how the hell did we forget?...Oh we got way too much in common. So what's the point in fighting?'- Maren Morris

I don't care what the other names are. I believe it is all the same. That our highest interest should be of Love. And if the story fits...


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