Self Development is Not a Choice

Why are we here?

Do you have an answer?

I do. But I suspect that each of our answers is for us to know.

There is a purpose. Even without the grand picture, there is a purpose in the now. It is backed up by the emotion of each moment. The creations and magic within your mind. And the love you give, receive and try to expand.

So there is a purpose.

What is yours?

Do you have an answer?

In this moment. Right now. Where is your alignment?

I am listening to Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis, and she is at the part where she challenges an invisible, albeit transferable, the figure of a woman who does not think that self-development is 'her thing'.

And I laughed.


Because as I am thinking 'if you are not trying to better yourself, what are you doing?'