When you drive

You are incredible.

A work of art.

A realm of potential in and of yourself.

You have so much to give this world.

So many gifts to share.

So much light to spread.

But you need to thrive in order to do those things.

You need to respect your boundaries,

In order to raise your ceiling.

You need to manage your energy

In order to give it away.

Each action, each thought, each moment

Has the power to change your life.

It can add, or it can take away.

Sometimes there are buffer moments.

Indifference which allows a neutral existence.

But you will not be in control of your direction

From the easily influenced position of neutral.

You have somewhere you want to go.

A dream that you keep in abstracts

So that you don’t feel the responsibility

Of having to drive there right now.

But you have a place,

other than the one you are in now,

That you want to be in.

Let me assure you,

You belong in that dream space.

You are a working work of art.

With a realm of possibilities,

Yours for the claiming.

You don’t want neutral.

You are done playing it safe

And watching time go by

While you stay the same

As where you started.

You are done saying yes

When you don’t mean feel the yes.

You are done picking up projects,

And to-dos

That keep you in neutral.

You are late.

But you won’t be

Once you get back on the road.

Once you point toward that place.

The one that you want to go to.

Where you feel expansive,

Abundant in your riches.

Where you feel the peace of your spirit.

You are on time,

As soon as you are moving

Toward the place that

You see.

Growing takes time.

The road will swallow your miles.

But you will know,

How far you have come.

It is not to your benefit,

To stop and every single gas station

To ask for direction.

Or to take every single exit

Out of fear that you misread the map.

You are on your way.

You know it because you don’t want to stop

At every opportunity.

Your wheels are rolling.

And you know,

The value of the path you are on.

You can envision,

That place you feel your soul grow in.

You feel the sunrise ahead.

You no longer keep this place in abstractions.

Not once you are on the road.

Now you see it.

Taste it.

Your whole body of energy rallies toward it.

You are on your way.

You know that you are powerful.

A magnificent force.

You know that

If the car stops now,

You will still run.

You are almost there.

Nothing is distracting you now.

Not a single exit tempts you.

You have not even looked at the map.

You are the map.

You feel your course

And you are taking it.

That uncertain woman

who stalled her own becoming,

She no longer exists.

Perhaps she never did,

Not really.

Perhaps she was just the blanket

That fear threw over your head.

She is not who you are now.

Not you.

You glow, it is like your

Determination and trust

Has its own field of gravity.

Commanding even the sun to light your face.

For the last beams of twilight catch your


And to think

That you did not believe that you could.

That you did not believe that it was your time,

That you would rather sit,

At the valley of your first hill.

Allowing others to take your vessel

For their own travels.

And return it, each time, less than what it was.

Because it was not your purpose.

To think that you let the best of your abilities

To sit in the shadows of your mind,

Because they made you uncomfortable.

To think that all it took

Was the turn of a key,

A compass and acceleration,

To start you on the best journey of your life.

To get you to the woman that you are now.

Ascending into your place of bliss.

Your state of peace.

Launching into the dream

That you called into reality.

You are a work of art.

You hold your own brush.

You keep your own keys.

You became your own dream.


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