Are you stuck in your own cage or someone elses?

There is always a box. Recognizing it does not mean that you are within its limitations. Your identity is far beyond the walls of category, it is the many tiles of your experiences, stacking beautiful mosaics layer by layer. Still, there will always be a box that someone tries to sweep your pieces into. Sometimes it will be you. But no box, beyond your name, can hold every ray of light nor each shade of shadow that you have experienced. You are vast, shedding and growing beyond even your own image. Consider the following questions, and journal your thoughts. where are your perceived walls? What point confines you? Is there a box (a role, a situation, a behavior) that you have to shatter yourself in order to become, or one you are afraid of outgrowing? To trace these points of limitations, first find your fear. Name a discomfort. Corral a wave of anger. Pick any situation that triggered an unwanted reaction. Get clear on this matter so that you can give recognition to the first story of a similar instance. Recall the first truth that you merited for your reaction. What was it? What story provoked your anger? What thought induced your first anxiety? What was the feeling that grew your fear? Have you been repeating this agreement through your reactions ever since? Tell me, Why is this instance still a truth? What compels you to believe it still? Woman, what if you didn't? What would happen if you did not believe that the limitation was real? What would change if you did not respond to the same triggers of worry, fear, and anger, that you have been allowing to dictate your story? What are you actually afraid of? What you just named is a wall of your box. How does that wall affect your growth? What does it stop you from creating? I suspect that this limitation has been affecting your thoughts and actions for far too long. It has become a handicap that you work around, instead of treating with the proper therapy. But it does not have to stay this way. This wall is as temporary as the last experience living in your mosaic. It can condense into a moment that 'once was' instead of stealing your heartbeats and inner peace that is. Who is your most indomitable self? The person which you are proud to be? The person which your fears are blocking you from becoming? Who is she? What does she do? What does her success look like? What is her life like, outside of the fears you keep? This is your box. Recognizing the stories that root your reactions gives you the creativity to redesign this belief. If you were not afraid, if you were not angry, if you were not restless: what would you feel? Be the architect and design the way that you want to think. Build your new truths. Plan your new reactions. Start to give them merit. Take back this power. Shatter the damn box. It is not your identity. No set of walls can cage your possibilities. So step outside of them. Create the key and then use it. You can free yourself by coming to recognize the purpose that these walls once had and free yourself from needing their limitations. You can identify why you exist inside this structure and become the potential which has no limit. There is no need to become smaller than you can be so that you can accept a role. There is no need to limit your possibilities so that you can fit in a box. What is the cage that you are stuck in? What is your breakout plan?