Are you the heroine of your own story?

If you were truly the heroine of your own story, would you be as interested in the narrative of others? Probably not, as you would be creating your own adventures and tales founded out of your soul's desires. You would be expressing your path with behaviors chosen from a place of peace and love. There would be no comparison. Nor would you see any reason why success could not be yours. This is your life, your story. That means that you are your own heroine. Why would you be anything less than that? Ask yourself, if you are not living into the most positive and heroic role of your own life, what are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? If that is not the role that you play for yourself then what is? I have certainly been less than my own heroine. I lived in the role of the undoer and the reckless. Waiting for the hero from anyone else's story to find a cause to fight for my own. You may not have known this, with the ways I was behaving, but I did. I knew that I had yet to step into my place of control and space of accountability. I read the stories of everyone else but did not validate my own. I believed that I had to be someone else to have had an accredited truth. To have an identity that was indomitable. I outsourced my own power. Waiting for someone to offer it back to me. I did not trust myself to take the path and choose the behaviors that would lead me to my most powerful story. This approach to my life did not gain me any ground in the direction that I wanted to take. Instead, it gifted me only with feelings of comparison, discontent, doubt, and layers of shame that would take a long time to unravel. This was not the easiest way to direct my life, but it seemed to be more comfortable with the initial plan of 'no action'. This was an older truth of mine. It no longer applies, I want to share with you what happened when I started to step into a pattern of behavior that made me proud to lead my life. I started to create more, I would wake up and live in a place of peace, I would spend so much time in nature and fueled my mind with the creative energy of art, stories, and poetry. I cooked more and I shared my creations with true friends. I existed without wondering if I was good enough. I stopped comparing myself to everyone around me, and I fell in love and I started to build a life around me that was built with the same architecture as my intentions. I chose to live in a way that I was proud of. And I have been choosing it ever since. So again, who are you in your own life? Are you the leader that creates opportunity around you and a story that you want to be apart of? Are you the nurturer who allows for your heart to grow? Are you taking your life into situations that make you proud? Are you validating your own path? Giving merit to your struggles and appreciation for your healing?

I challenge you to start. To look at the thoughts and perceptions which fuel your behavior, and make sure that you are proud and excited to behave in such a way. Make sure that these choices make you feel strong and confident. Make a list of your values and beliefs and keep it in your heart so that these values can be found through your actions, words, and thoughts. This way you can confirm that your choices are in alignment with your values and beliefs.

Be the heroine of your own narrative.

Validate, love and appreciate your own story.

Do this, and the next chapters will BLOW YOUR MIND.