I look for the messy healer

When I work with healers, light-workers, and coaches, I look for the messy. I never identified with the shaman or yogi who only shares their presence with half closed eyes and a meditation stance. I struggle with the idea that 'healing' as a one-time accomplishment instead of a life-long elevation. I am not looking for the appearance of perfection. I am looking for the center of peace within an ever-growing wingspan. I look for the people who trace their own reactions and triggers back to the mirror and can hold space for that discomfort. First in themselves and then another. I want to work with that healer. I did that this past week. I participated in a Hawaii retreat with six other women and we allowed our limitations to move through and away from us. The truth is, healing is transformative and the transformation never stops. It is messy, as emotions and stories, stored energy and limitations are constantly arising. Every hurt, lie, story and energy that was witnessed over these days were met with the willingness to hold space. Despite the discomfort, these women leaned into the healing for all of us. We leaned into the beginning of our recognition to the love that we have inside of ourselves. It was messy. There were screams, howls, nakedness, singing, and dancing. It was beautiful. It was messy. It was real. I believe that someone can only hold true space for another, from a place that they themselves have already been. So I look for the messy healers. The ones who have been into their own depths and know the peace that they have to hold to anchor down another's waves. These healer's increase their own space and the space of another. They nurture the growing and transformational process of returning to the love we were made in. It is healing, and that never stops. The spaces we hold, the witness we bare, the truths we tell and the love our bodies ask for. This is the truth of healing, the work of tracing triggers and letting stories fade off of our skins. Healing work is the continued grace which allows us to be imperfect and still grow in our truth. So I encourage all of you to find a messy healer. A real person who constantly grows through his/ her own challenges and triggers. Someone with a big heart, to hold space for whatever beliefs are inside of you and share in the process that feels so liberating to be freed into. It will transform you.

If this opportunity sounds like a rallying inside of you, let me know! I would love to book a consultation call to see if we would be a good fit! Supporting your worth, vision, energy and passion is what I feel called to do in this life. I appreciate you and I can hold space for all of you.

You are appreciated,

You are loved.


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