Template for Removing Limiting Beliefs

*** This is the ever-evolving template of how I map out my limiting beliefs with the intention to keep them (limiting beliefs) away from my life's compass. I look first at the external imbalance and my internal desire. I ask myself to notice how these desires feel and how I feel without these practices. I find the smallest parts of myself and listen to the tricky voices of fear and shame. It is important that I then give voice to the shame stories that I hear. I do this by writing and creating, or by asking a friend to witness my truth. I take away the power that silence tries to keep over me. Then I speak the opposite of my fear. I step into the light that my fear cannot make a home in. I take you through this practice of self-awareness in the template below, I highly recommend grabbing a journal and working through these steps at your own pace. Journal freely, write without a filter. Let it flow. ***

1. Look for the inflammation. I could have warmed up to this point, but let's be honest, our inflammation has been ignored for too long. Now it is that point where it is sending you signals of distress and constantly asking for your attention.

Maybe it is your financial situation.

Your emotions around your child's reactions.

Your discomfort in your career.

Your personal relationships.

Your binge eating, or forceful control over your diet.

If nothing is coming up for you immediatley, think of this; what habit or practice do you keep that no longer fits your vision and energy that you want for your life? what feels out of balance? What would you like to change but have not? There is a point of inflammation. You have it and it wants you to know about it. Think of it as a spot within you that needs extra care and attention to lower the heat.

2. What is the picture that you are trying to create? This is the image that you are trying to internalize. The picture of success, discipline, fitness. Maybe it is a feeling. Feelings of power, strength, happiness, fulfillment. What does this picture feel like?