50 ways to connect with yourself

Updated: Jan 31

  1. Take deep breaths, give your attention to the sensations in your body while you do

  2. Mentally release the tension in your body, starting with your forehead moving downward

  3. Read a story that you are interested in

  4. Stretch deeply by candlelight

  5. Write out your dreams

  6. Diffuse your favorite essential oils or light a candle.

  7. Give yourself a slow massage, while noticing the bliss in your body

  8. Go on a walk

  9. Listen to your anthem

  10. Dance, freely and without self consciousness

  11. Sing. Singing is celebrating your voice

  12. Journal

  13. Meditate

  14. Slow down and get sensual, notice the decadence and pleasure within your body

  15. Visit your favorite place

  16. Wake up early and quietly arrive into your day with a prayer of intention

  17. Nourish yourself with healthy food that you enjoy, while eating try to mentally describe the taste, like in ratatouille ( yes, the disney rat movie).

  18. Get creative and create without judgement ( color, collage, paint, clay, dance, creative writing, etc)

  19. Celebrate your inspirations and ideas that come to you throughout the day by writing them down.

  20. Take a bubble bath while listening to calming music

  21. Make a cup of tea and a list of things you are grateful for

  22. Talk to yourself aloud, ramble, word vomit, hear your thoughts aloud

  23. Journal out situations that you struggle with, without a filter

  24. Jot down the abundance that blessed you today ( calls, gifts, more funds, acts of kindness, what love did you receive through your experiences today?

  25. Tuck yourself into bed while mentally talking to your inner child. Sweet dreams.

  26. Set several reminders on your phone, when they go off, commit to taking a 3 minute break and breathe deeply without distraction

  27. Make notice of the things throughout your awareness that awaken your fullness( scents, textures, stories, colors, people, images, rituals, behaviors, flowers, anything)

  28. Say what you mean. And reward your bravery.

  29. Put on clothes that make you feel beautiful.

  30. Create custom habits that make you feel supported and whole ( 25 minute naps, giving thanks anytime you wash your hands, brushing your hair with lavender oil)

  31. List 10 things that always makes you feel better. Make this list when you feel good.

  32. Do one of these ten things when you don’t feel confident and connected with yourself.

  33. Create a playlist that makes you feel like a queen.

  34. Send unprompted thank you notes.

  35. Invest in yourself and your desires.

  36. Give yourself the grace to not be perfect by reminding yourself that you are loved no matter what.

  37. Create an experience that you have wanted to enjoy ( ice skating, high ropes, new hikes, take a new class)

  38. Utilize a deck of oracle or inspiration cards.

  39. Create a safe space with your favorite colors, scents, pictures (once I did this and made a meditation space within a closet)

  40. Play

  41. Safely soak in the sun

  42. Reach out to a friend for delicious and meaningful conversation

  43. Laugh. Smile to yourself and soak in blissful moments.

  44. Notice where your energy is within your body, take your hands and scan over your body slowly while you breathe deeply. Trust your intuition and the magnetic feeling between the space between your hands and body.

  45. Spend time in nature.

  46. Slow the momentum of your day down, creating space for you to truly to present and experience the richness of your experiences.

  47. Ask yourself questions and listen to your answers, journal or speak aloud

  48. Notice when you are uncomfortable and, without judging or rushing, give voice to the many ways you are experiencing the moment.

  49. Forgive others, situations, wrong doings and yourself. Allow yourself to melt into the love and forgiveness that you are sending out into the world. When this gets difficult make a practice of saying it aloud. I forgive you (insert specifics) and take deep breaths. Spend some time doing this daily, it is okay okay if this takes time. Send yourself love.

  50. When you notice that there is something you really want another to do or say for you, spend some time experimenting with how you can lovingly give this to yourself.

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