50 ways to connect with yourself

Updated: May 19

  1. Take deep breaths, give your attention to the sensations in your body while you do

  2. Mentally release the tension in your body, starting with your forehead moving downward

  3. Read a story that you are interested in

  4. Stretch deeply by candlelight

  5. Write out your dreams

  6. Diffuse your favorite essential oils or light a candle.

  7. Give yourself a slow massage, while noticing the bliss in your body

  8. Go on a walk

  9. Listen to your anthem

  10. Dance, freely and without self consciousness

  11. Sing. Singing is celebrating your voice

  12. Journal

  13. Meditate

  14. Slow down and get sensual, notice the decadence and pleasure within your body

  15. Visit your favorite place

  16. Wake up early and quietly arrive into your day with a prayer of intention

  17. Nourish yourself with healthy food that you enjoy, while eating try to mentally describe the taste, like in ratatouille ( yes, the disney rat movie).

  18. Get creative and create without judgement ( color, collage, paint, clay, dance, creative writing, etc)

  19. Celebrate your inspirations and ideas that come to you throughout the day by writing them down.