Create a Peaceful Mind

This week was overflowing with conversations about changing the inner atmosphere of the mind. And I want to know, what is your inner atmosphere like? Is it a jungle war zone, a drowning or floating ocean? A dry land prone to wild fires?


1. This is step one. Notice what is true right now. Check in. Don't recite an old knowing, check in on what is true for right now and give yourself the benefit of your own growing.

2. Notice yourself in the way you would gaze at new scenery. Curious, interpretive and without judgement. This will keep your perspective open and able to learn from yourself.

3. Notice you're momentum. Are your thoughts racing a mile a minute? Does one thought just sink you into depression? Do your thoughts feel foggy? What is your mental pace?


4. How do you want your inner atmosphere to feel? Peaceful? Confident? Powerful?

5. When would you feel this way? Picture yourself feeling this way in your life in one specific situation. The more specific you allow yourself to be the better grounded you invite this new behavior to be.


6. What do you want to do with this momentum? Slow it down by seeing reminders to breathe deeply or meditate for 3-5 minutes. Activate your passions by adding more play and creativity into your day. Create new behaviors to prevent spiraling, like a break and quick walk or listening to your favorite song

7. What is one thing that you can put your action to so that your inner atmosphere reflects your vision?

Here is to you creating a gorgeous inner atmosphere!

Connect + Create + Lead,


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