Discomfort: an invitation to stop playing small

“Do you feel it weigh on you? 

Doesn’t it just get to you, trying to be there for other people?”

This was a question that I was asked last week and upon hearing it, 

I noticed  a physical softening within me. 

I recognized so much of myself in this question, 

because I used to feel weighed down by my relationships with others 

when I believed that I had to absorb the energy of another to be of comfort.

What I now know is this:

The weight felt from others has little to do with the energy absorbed from them

(old avoidance belief)

and more to do with my own energy that was being called forward,

asking for my attention.

If it triggers something in me, I am meant to pay attention. 

If my heart breaks for someone, or something, I should pay attention. 

If something keeps me up at night, I give attention to it. 

If I keep thinking about the actions of another, I am meant to pay attention.

Please note that I did not say figure it out, 

or fix, 

or problem solve. 

I intentionally did not say these words because I notice that I was using these actions and using them as dis*actions.

In other words, they were not aligned with the action that I wanted to take,

And took me deeper down the rabbit hole of discomfort.

I find that the only helpful action is to draw awareness to the points of discomfort. 

You may wonder, “If I am uncomfortable, am I not already aware of my discomfort?” 

I am quite stubborn and insist that I can be aware of discomfort and still try to deny it.

Rationalizing with the magnitude of my discomfort seems to be an avoidance tactic that I have,

to avoid feeling it completely.

So I invite you to join me in this situation

And to do nothing more but feel. 

To sit in this feeling and really stay present with it. 

How does your body feel? How heavy is your heart? Pay attention. 

I believe that by simply being present with discomfort,

you allow yourself the grace of removing your own resistance. 

Just breathe. 

Be present instead of distracting yourself with a story of your own habits, solutions or even problems

This invitation is based off of my belief that each of us,

as infinite beings,

have a natural alignment with our energetic truth. 

That truth, as I know it to be, is that each of us are love, 

and so our natural energetic alignment is that of love, truth, peace, joy, fulfillment and bliss. 

Any experiences which we may have of discomfort

is the sign that the energy of the present does not resonate

with the energy of our own truth. 

It is uncomfortable to hold a belief that is of a lesser energy than that of our truth, love.

What I have learned is this: If I am holding on to it  (a feeling, story, situation) then there is something in it for me to learn, and often, release.

If my energy continues to resurface the story of the stimuli,

then there is something unresolved within my acceptance of it. 

Resistance shows up as discomfort and it asks for my attention.

In this way, my resistance is an invitation to stop playing small. 

To stop cramming my energy into shapes and expressions

that are not aligned with my core truth, love.

What are you resisting?

Where is your invitation to expand past your discomfort?

Will you sit in it and feel?

Let me know.

I am in it with you.



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