How I create my Strategy

In this blog post I am sharing my original strategy to bring me out of my inner chaos and confusion and into aligned action. As a very action-oriented person, I find myself frustrated when I cannot determine how to reach my goals. If you are reading this then I suspect that you can relate. So I strategize my action steps out of chaos and shared the outline for you below. Another tool to help you reach pristine clarity is Map to Miracles, my gift to you on the top of my homepage. Download it and tell me how it served you!

1. I meditate.

Taking the time to break up my own momentum has become so important to my life. Taking the time to breathe deeply for just 15-30 minutes had allowed me to become more connected to my inner peace and clarity.

2. I envision where I want to go/ what I want to happen.

Typically I like to go deep with this step as my attachment to this vision motivates and inspires me. I write out what I want, why I want it, how I believe it will make me feel. Then I write out all of the things that I can do right now to align with that feeling that I am wanting to create. When I connect to that feeling and I create it daily then I bring myself into deeper alignment with what I am wanting to create for myself further.

3. I look at where I am now and the next place that I want to grow into. So I create the steps that would bring me closer to where I want to be, and I break these steps into manageable days or weeks (depending on the goal).

Because I believe in what I call the feel-good path, I only commit to doing these action steps if it feels good to me. Feeling good is of the highest priority, and I am better to myself when I feel good. So I get myself feeling great, and then I act into one of my action steps. And then I ask myself what feels good to me right now, and I act into that. Sometimes I duck and weave my way through my strategy steps, lowering my resistance and working with my energy, not against it.

4. I create intentional beliefs and mantras to support my goal. I usually put these in my planner, as my background and all around me. I know that what I see around me influences how I feel and how I behave. So I enforce how I want to feel through my beliefs. Some of the beliefs that I use are: I am able. I am whole. I am free. All of me is welcomed and valued. I am the student and I teach from my testimony. My path is divine.

I hope that you create a strategy that works for your unique process.

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