How living on purpose empowers the world to serve

Creating a purpose-driven life so that you can live your life around your own fulfillment is a gift to yourself and the world. It frees you from ‘obligations’ and distractions which take away from your purpose and empowers you to live impassioned. Expressing yourself through your purpose-driven action is a way to honor your natural energy and inspires a higher level of communication and enriching service. 

Imagine if each person in leadership was deeply connected to their purpose and was transparent on what it was. How would these leaders adjust how to serve others? How would the market economy pivot?

In my experience with coaching leaders, purpose is not something that is often kept to oneself. Instead, there seems to always be a drive to communicate it with the world. A call to share it and proselytize their own purpose as a testament to their own service. When my client knows their purpose, they are DRIVEN to share it! I have come to believe that when an individual identifies their purpose, they start to feel the call to serve others through it. 

Embodying your purpose gifts a life of fulfillment to you, and a gift of service to the world. If you feel called to explore your own purpose, click the blog link below. 

I also invite you to go through this experience with me personally on a coaching call targeted to bring you clarity on your purpose, passions and worth.  You can set up this complimentary coaching call through this link. 

I look forward to exploring how your purpose can first fulfill you, and also serve the world.



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