How to create aligned action

I am a big advocate for creating aligned action. What this means is I believe that you should be creating action that lines up with your truth. Action that brings you to where you want to go. The best part about aligned action is that it does not feel like a hustle, grind, push or force. Aligned action is embodied feminine energy that is more flow than force. More trust than push.

The #1 rule about aligned action:

It feels good. Aligned action will always feel good, it feels so good because it is filled with your energy and your own truth. the best examples of aligned action are your passions, inspirations and dreams. See how these feel good? Acting on these feelings feel creative, fun and fulfilling. They are aligned with what feels good to you.

Not everything feels good all of the time. If you feel like you are pushing or forcing your actions, then take a break. Do something totally different, even if it feels unproductive, and come back when there is less resistance. If it doesn't feel good, then it is not aligned at that time. So keep checking in. Ask yourself, what feels good for me right now? What feels true for me? What is in alignment with what I want?

Follow what feels good. Allow your passions, intuition, creativity and inspirations to lead you back to your alignment. Divert your course of action if it doesn't feel good. Always ask yourself, what feels good for me right now?

Stay fluid. Allow your path to change. Allow your compass to be what feels good and fulfilling, it will lead you to where you truly want to go. If you need clarity on how to use this method to develop a strategy for your goal, schedule a complimentary clarity call so that we can work through it together. Actions can feel good.

There is a feel-good path of action, you deserve to live it.

I am in it with you,

Here for you,


Creator of The Messy Healer