How to identify your purpose

I define purpose as the vision for where you want your life to lead you. It is your intention, aligning with your purpose sets the direction for your actions to follow. Your purpose is the map that you read to navigate your life in a way that brings you the most fulfillment. It is the north star, and it connects you to your sense of wholeness.

Why you want to identify your purpose

It is so much easier to end up where you want to go, by knowing the route to get there. People who know their purpose and line up their choices to lead them there are confident and self-assured. These individuals are so connected to their inner compass that they rarely get caught up in comparison, or the need for external validation. Knowing your purpose helps you internalize your motivation and reward system which will keep you on track to live a life centered around your goals and priorities.

Identify your passions

Passions are purpose-driven action. Passions feel good in your life, they light you up with inspiration and lead you closer to your purpose. The best part is you don't have to know your purpose to experience your passions.

Think about your life right now, how do you want to feel in it?

Fulfilled? Happy? Peaceful? Passionate? Inspired? 

Brainstorm these feelings in your journal.

When were times in your life that you felt this way?

What were you doing? Why did it feel so good?

Develop a list of feelings that you want to feel in your life as well as a list of activities or actions that bring you these feelings. 

Passions lead you to your purpose.

Continue to journal your answers below. The passions that light you up are lighthouses showing you the path to your purpose!

What is your highest priority for yourself?

Which one of the feelings you wrote down aligns with your priority?

Which feeling is calling to you the most? 

Why do you think this is?

When I did this exercise I wrote down dozens of adjectives, but the feeling that I was most attracted to was love. I wanted to feel love in my life to a degree that I had not yet experienced. Not only did I want to feel this in my own life, I felt called to bring this beautiful intensity into the lives of others. I wanted to make this feeling so available that it could never be withheld. I wanted to make this feeling accessible within myself all of the time so that I didn’t need someone else to give it to me. This exercise helped me understand that my purpose was to lead with love and I wanted to do that by being love

Your purpose is the center of gravity in your life. It calls for your attention through your passions and you connect to it through your feelings. Your purpose is your highest priority. Once you know your purpose and you have written a list full of passions to connect you to it, then you are off to a great start to designing a life around your priorities!

These final questions may help you as you continuously choose to lead a purpose-driven life.

Ask yourself, is this [action/thought/venture/behavior/relationship]  bringing you closer to your purpose?

Am I willing to sacrifice my purpose for this  [action/thought/venture/behavior/relationship]?

Am I willing to release anything that takes me away from my purpose?

Creating a purpose-driven life so that you can live your life around your own fulfillment is a gift to yourself and the world. It frees you from ‘obligations’ and distractions which take away from your purpose and empowers you to live impassioned. Expressing yourself through your purpose-driven action is a way to honor your natural energy and inspires a higher level of communication and enriching service.

I invite you to explore how your purpose can offer you deeper fulfillment and also serve the world during a complimentary coaching call with me. During this call we will utilize my original framework, map to fulfillment, to explore your purpose, passions and worth. Send me a message to set up this session.




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