Practices & Tips for Messy Healing

  1. Allow yourself to be fully present.

  2. Look beyond the story that you are telling yourself in the moment, and drop into the body

  3. Ask yourself, what is the deeper desire that I want to feel here (safety, love, belonging...)

  4. Go direct, how can you give yourself this now? (ex) I tuck myself into bed at night to give myself the comforting feel of safety

  5. Notice what you are appreciating each day and share your gratitude with others

  6. Remember that whatever is true and alive for you now, in real time, is asking for your participation. This is your current teacher

  7. Notice what is not cute, or sexy about yourself and instead of judging these qualities, invite them deeper into your heart. See the innocence and love them.

  8. Strengthen your relationship with the non-physical. Energy matters.

  9. Spend time outside each day.

  10. Mentally create a space (imagined or from memory) where you feel free, loved and whole. Come to this space often, it will help you connect to this feeling and bring it into your life.

  11. See, nourish and celebrate the love in yourself. It is your truth.

  12. When struggling with something, go on a walk and talk aloud. Hear it for yourself on the outside, and explore if another internal dialogue becomes available to you. What wisdom do you see from this perspective?

  13. See the love in others even when they are not showing it to you. Remember for them

  14. Check inward for your personal knowing of ‘yes this is for me’ or ‘no, thank you’ and allow this to guide you beyond the ‘should do’

  15. Replace ‘sorry’ with ‘thank you’ in your day-to-day (unless intentionally apologizing)

  16. Create a practice of not believing every thought you have.

  17. Celebrate where you are right now, always. Your presence opens you up to your magic and healing

  18. Remember that everyone has an energetic invitation. And that your healing is to the benefit of your ancestors and lineage.

  19. Start to challenge yourself to surrender your control and willpower, while inviting the universe to support your highest good.

  20. Trust that any lesson or experience can be alchemized into your highest good.

  21. Allow this trust to come on its own, your presence with what is now is most important.

  22. Create space for play and creativity.

  23. Celebrate the journey that brought you to this moment.