Purpose. Passion. Worth

I see life as a path to purpose.

Purpose is the star on the map that says

‘You found me’.

The map is your own experience,

Purpose happens when your experience and direction 

aligns with your vision, wholeness, and remembering.

My direction is to first identify

the core message of my purpose,

And to then try to live my life in a way that keeps this core message 

in every action, choice and thought.

Purpose is big,

And yet, once you find it,

it is in every wave of energy in your life.

Passion is clear.

Passion talks to you on the surface so that you pay attention.

It vibrates within your life 

with dreams, ideas and joyful responses

Creating desire and drive.

Passion is Purpose shouting at you.

By following passion you are creating purpose-driven action.

Within this behavior you are filled with expressions, creativity, communication 

and you start to attune deeper with what your expressions are asking of you.

What are your expressions asking of you?

What are your desires asking from you?

What do you hear?

What do you know?

Passion is the tuning fork to bring you to the frequency of your purpose.

Of your core.

To you, to your wholeness.

The remembering of your entirety.

The tortured artist who is both passionate and seemingly without joy

Is the messiness of the human experience.


Fear, doubt, shame-

They cloud the joys of passion.

They damage our expressions of passion,

They are the fog between us and purpose,

And they sabotage something that we innately are,


Our self-worth should be beyond reproach.

But when you are in the shadows of shame 

or held in the unrelenting doubts and fears of your mind,

Suddenly you feel worthless.

The path to purpose needs your wholeness.

Your mindset, health, self care and emotional intelligence.

It demands that you take a step.

Purpose driven action.

Upon that step 

passion will light up blinking areas of your life like fireflies.



Wake up. 

You are in a dream.

Take a step.

Follow what feels good.

Purposeful action is passion.

And passion 

with overlap in a trinity that you may just now be meeting,

Purpose, passion, worth.

Where these overlap, 

And you are,

Fulfillment is within you

And outside of you.

This is the experience of the Messy Healer


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