What Coaching Can Do for You

What coaching is and isn’t. . .and why it matters

Think of what coaching is for sports, the coach helps you play the game better and supports you as you better yourself.

Now with the coaching I do, I am here to support you in designing your own ‘game’. I want you to lean into YOUR unique leadership. I don’t coach you to do what I, or anyone else, want you to do, I coach you into creating a healthy relationship with yourself so that you notice what direction you want to go in and trust that you can bring yourself there.

Coaching is not therapy.

There is a creation aspect in coaching, being that it is performance oriented, that therapy doesn’t have. Coaching helps you move forward in the direction that you want to go while creating a path that feels whole and fulfilling to you.

I have coached clients into creating new businesses, changing habits, pursuing a creative projects, feeling more fulfilled and strengthening their leadership. Once you (the client) connects to what you want support on, I help you create a path to this goal that feels good for you.

We spend time on mindset work and how to communicate with ourselves when scary things come up, because it is nothing short of an act of bravery to invest in yourself in this way, and go further than you have ever done on your own. Because you are on the edge of your comfort zone, you may experience some discomfort. The inner work that we do will be tailored to your experiences so that you have everything you need to bring your whole self along on this journey.

Creating is empowering. As you grow, you may realize that the perceptions, stories and fears that you had experienced are changing. I find that my clients feel less rattled by the outside world once they learn to communicate with themselves and trust their responses. When life mirrors something uncomfortable, you now have the tools to explore what this means for you and notice the growth that your discomfort is inviting into your experiences.

You take responsibility for what you are feeling when you know that you are able to work with yourself through it. This helps shatter the limiting beliefs that have kept you in the room you are in. By empowering yourself to recognize that you have everything you need to create change, you train yourself to start seeing possibilities in your patterns instead of limitations.

As your coach, I simply amplify you. I am the sounding board, the resource, the tool-customizer and your biggest believer. You are the creator, the champion, and change maker who was brave enough to commit to yourself and go further than you ever have, with more of yourself than you have ever known.

If you have any questions you are welcomed to send me a dm or share them in the comments below.

For now, explore these questions, If you looked back and said ”I just had the best year of my whole life!” What would it have looked like? How would it feel? What is one area of your life that you want to transform that would bring these desired feelings that much closer?

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