What it is like to hire me as your Coach

You did it. The courageous leap of scheduling our first call. I wonder if you had a deeper intuition as to how this one move would mark a new chapter in your life. This first call is always thrilling for me, as I honor the trust that you have in yourself and possibilities that we will be exploring in your vision.

So the call is booked, and I am thrilled. I hope you are too. Because you just invited yourself further into the vision that you have for your future. And you graciously invited me to see and hold this vision with you; so it now feels expansive and inevitable.

And to celebrate our first clarity call, I have my candles burning, my space cleared and my attention fully focused on you. During this call we will be exploring what is the vision that you have for yourself.

Coaching is performance oriented, and what that means is that your goal is the focus, and as we commit to it then we address everything that is coming up or taking you away from it. Changing the way that you are in the process of creating your goal. This could be starting or restructuring your business, writing a book, attracting your soul partner. . . anything that feels alive for you! You will upgrade the relationship that you have with yourself and the world, while going for the goal that you feel aligned with.

I generally work with my clients for 6 months to a year, and so I will be asking questions to elicit what your ideal life looks and feels like this far into the future. We will explore the obstacles and the stories that you are experiencing currently. Sometimes a second clarity call is necessary but that all is depending on your clarity, readiness and conviction.

During this first call my intention is to serve you as much as I can, regardless of if we continue to work together or not. I mean it when I say that I treasure the trust that you extend to me as we unravel the next calling that you want to pursue. So this call is of service to the courage that you came into this space with.

The investment for 1:1 coaching for 6-months to a year is significant. The cost is just the gateway that calls you forward into the limitless value of having this accelerated coaching container. So you say yes to this service and the vision that you have for the upcoming period. Immediately you get access to the Council, my high end membership program that gives you group support beyond our sessions. Then we schedule out your calls. Depending on your psychology you may opt for an hour call each week, but more common is the 2 hour call bi-weekly with voxer (voice mess