What Train Are You On?

What is the momentum that you are in right now?

There is energy within every thought, feeling and action. This energy triggers momentum.

I have to stall my momentum.

Break apart the way that my thoughts are connecting and the feelings elicited. 

I have to breathe deeply so that I do not believe this momentum has to be caught up with.

So that I remember that this is not a race that I want to run.

This stall happens with fear, doubt, impatience, anger and chaos.

It happens when the thoughts and feelings that I do not take pleasure out of feeling

Gain a momentum that I am not interested in.

It feels, sometimes, as if I was peeking my head into a boxcar and all of a sudden the train started to move with a speed that made me scared to jump off.

If I don’t jump, then I will be carried along a route that I did not choose.

A route that I didn't mean to choose.

This route is a reaction.

An explosion.

It is intense, the friction of momentum.

Then there are trains that I want to ride.

Strains of momentous energy that I do not stall, but instead I dance in.