Why you should spar up.

I always learned to spar up.

It was grilled into me

to fight bigger battles then I know I can win.

I always believed that it made me better.

This is why:

I fight ten times harder

when I am fighting a bigger battle than I know I can win.

I focus more willpower and exert more energy.

These situations encourage the development of excellence.

It's funny,

how being in a situation that demands all of my attention,
can be a mirror to the amount of attention I have to give.

It is like a fighter in the ring.

After every win,

there is a new awareness of the fight that he/ she can give.

There is more confidence in their own ability

and how they show up to represent themselves.

I fight up

to show myself how much fight I have.

And I now know at every turn

when I think I am spent,

or should rest,

or quit,

that I have so much more to give.

I was thinking about this

when I was in a conversation

in which I believe I represented myself quite well.

I had applauded myself for this representation.
For speaking up and standing my ground
against a bigger opponent than I was to myself.