Your beliefs can enforce or sabotage your vision

Your beliefs determine your perceived worth.

Picture a construction site with different beams that create the structured layout of how you think of yourself. Each belief is a beam and every experience you have has the opportunity to adjust this structure. If you choose to leave your belief system alone, then the structure will always have the same foundation, and the floor that you are currently on will be the same floor that you continue to build. It will be the room that you live in and nothing will change when it comes to how you react, what you believe and the behavior you adopt. This is how powerful your beliefs are. They are the beams that we need to structure our head houses, but don't necessarily see.

Your beliefs can protect your dreams or they can sabotage them.

I don't know about you but when I get a new creative invitation, like a goal, a vision or a dream for myself, I feel ecstatic. I feel electrified with my excitement and thrilled to create. During the creative expression, I feel centered, at peace and focused. Then I begin to think about sharing my creation or putting it into action, and instantly I feel the slight contractions of my energy. Doubts and judgements start to appear and I wonder that horrific thought, What will people think?

This is the point that I can drop myself, energetically, and allow my creative spirit to be plummeted to the bottom of the canyons I was soaring over. Only to be lost to the invisible vultures of fear, doubt and judgement.


My beliefs could support me. I could make my voice the only one that I listen to.

I could trust my own process and validate my experiences more than I validate the opinions of others. And I can continue this project until it is finished. Feeling proud, creative and in alignment with my joy the entire time. It is all about what I choose to believe.

What are your beliefs doing for your goals?

Are they protecting you? Creating a tunnel vision to support your focus? Or are they allowing doubt to make your actions inconsistent? Are they bringing you joy or distracting you from it?

Let me know. I want to support you.