Your Dreams are of Divine Design

I am fresh off of watching The Heights, a musical on HBO ( I love musicals so much) and they kept talking about sueñitos or 'little dreams'. And it gave me so much energy because even more than musicals, I love dreams.

I think that the dreams we have for ourselves are all by Divine Design. I believe that dreams are the fireflies that wink at us when we are just walking on autopilot. They twinkle in a way that gets our attention and invites us to engage with our surroundings, and create something more custom to ourselves. They are the invitation to participate, intentionally with the creation of our lives.

But they come with a price, every musical or movie will tell you this. Receiving an invitation is a whole lot easier than being ready for the ball. In the same way, there is a bit of work to do when leaning into creating your dream. With this comes so many methods, lessons and experiences. I'll share a few of mine below.

You can push it into existence by sheer will (hello, burnout, exhaustion and lack of pleasure)

You can immediately talk to every person that you meet about it. Totally guilty of this. This had me deflated and doubting my dream. I also left this method loaded up with cautionary tales and opinions of the 'right way'. I would equate this with finding out that you are pregnant and trying to give birth the next week. Lesson: let the life of this dream and your connection to it develop a bit more.

You can take every peak and valley personally (also me) and wonder what it means about you as a person, instead of just noting the feedback of what is working and what isn't. This is called the most dramatic route, and will take you away from your grounded and internal wisdom.


The best way that I have found, and the way that I work with my clients is:

You can notice the dream, and look into what this dream would give you on a core level. Because in the invitation to create something better is an opportunity to meet your own needs on a deeper level as well.

For example, my dream of running a successful and influential business and social movement would give future me more security, freedom and an environment where I could combine my softness and water with my fire. So the deeper opportunity is to meet myself with this full acceptance now, to add freedom and safety and notice where it already is for me.

This way, the whole process of creating the dream comes from a space of abundance, and feels good. I don't have to have my exact dream to get what I want from it. This observation releases some of the control and the dream-zilla monster within. Plus, I am stronger from this state than from the state of control, lack and need.

This strength and connection with myself and core opportunities will help me not take things so personally as I create the next aligned action step that I can take toward creating my dream. All of a sudden creating this dream is less charged and more curious. From here I am free to keep taking the next action while observing what works and what doesn't as well as what is taking me out of this curiosity and bringing up the feelings of doubt and unworthiness again.

And so the process of creating this dream as actually had me