Inviting you into a sacred space for truth and growth:

The Council of Queens.




The Council purchase is for 6-months commitment at $297 a month.

Did you ever have a core knowing that you were made for more? 

That there was something powerful inside of you? 

Do you get excited planning new changes in your life?

Do you get frustrated by the way you view the world and your ability to change it?

Do you get exhausted by treating the symptom instead of the root cause?

Have you ever felt disappointed because you felt you had to leave parts of you at the door?

Have you ever cried because it felt like no one understood you?

Or felt secretly angry because of the expectations you feel from others? 

I have been there and known all of these truths. I had spent years spinning my wheels trying to implement the change that I believed in, but eventually sabotaging myself because of a void that I was too busy to fill.

This struggle left me feeling disconnected from others around me, and even the things that I knew I wanted. I was tired of shapeshifting into who I believed I had to be in order to be accepted in different situations.

I wanted to feel whole, powerful and capable in my decisions and design my life in a way that feels good for me to live in. And so 7 years ago, I committed to learning how to do just that. And along the journey I have discovered so much. Which is why I am so passionate about creating safe and inquiring spaces for you to explore your own discoveries.


This mastermind exists for you to create the time and space to listen to what is true for you. So that you can feel the energy inside of you return and respond to what is most alive and true for your heart.

Over this journey so far I have been so blessed to serve dozens of women as they embody their truth and lead with it. Seeing them create what is alive and true for them has really grounded in the impact that this work has. Now it has become my life’s mission to help even more women like you as they rewrite their own stories so that they can claim the full spectrum of who they are and what they are called to do.

What is it?

A coaching mastermind unlike any others.

What does it include?

A monthly alignment call, with intention setting and accountability.

Two group coaching calls.

1 private 1:1 coaching call

A private page for peer connection.

Availability to go live when you are struggling and get support when you need it.

Threads that encourages you to ask for what would support you, celebrate your wins and share where your mind is at.

What is the investment?

$297 a month, with 6 month commitment

Who is it for?

Women who are ready to create and implement change in their lives from a place of inner leadership and personal truth. These women are committed to breaking old patterns and begin anew. They are tired of the relationship that they have with themselves and want to learn to trust themselves and lead their lives in an intentional, empowering and fulfilling way. Women who are ready to show up for themselves and create more of what they believe in, while enjoying the process.

How will it help me?

Side affects of showing up for yourself fully include: noticing old patterns, forgiving them and intentionally creating new habits that support your growth. Feeling powerful in your fullness. Speaking up for yourself in a way that leaves no doubts. Wildly connecting to your passion and giving yourself permission to be here now. Being supported with the strategies that you are implementing in your life and business. Bringing all of yourself into your decisions leaving you feeling confident, capable and proud.

Meet your truth and lead with it.